Our state-of- the-art drain machines can unclog various drains quickly & efficiently. Hair, soap skum & other debris can build up into your drains and pipes causing clogs. Whether it is a laundry tub clogged drain, bathroom sink drain, bath tub drain, or kitchen sink drain we have a machine that will unclog it. Do you have water coming into your basement? Your rain leaders on your house may be clogged causing excess water damage to occur.

Mark J. Puharic Plumbing can unclog any type of drain. Kitchen sink drains, bathroom sink drains, bath tub drains, or laundry tub drains can be unclogged easily & quickly using our special state-of- the-art equipment. No fumes or unnecessary mess from chemicals or strong substances! Rain leaders can be unclogged quickly as well. Stop the excess water from entering your foundation from clogged or damaged rain leaders. We are experts in the plumbing business for over 3 decades!

  • Kitchen Sink Drains
  • Bathtub Drains
  • Laundry Tub Drains
  • Sink Drains
  • Rain Leaders Unclogged

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